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Dr. Antoinette Dicriscio will be presenting on Comprehensive Assessment of Visual Perceptual Skills in ASD at INSAR's 20th Anniversary of their Annual Meeting which will be held virtually May 3rd through May 7th.

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Since his first year at Bucknell, neuroscience major William Snyder '21 has put himself on the front line of research seeking to discover what structural patterns in the brain say about psychopathology. After Bucknell, he'll continue expanding those scientific boundaries at the University of Cambridge as a recipient of the 2021 Gates Cambridge Scholarship.

Paper Authored by Student Intern Published in Journal of Neuroscience Methods

October 10, 2019

An article authored by Will Snyder and co-authored by Marissa Patti and Dr. Troiani , An evaluation of automated tracing for orbitofrontal cortex sulcogyral pattern typing,  is now available in press. The article was published in volume 326 of Journal of of Neuroscience Methods

Editorial on Neonatal Opioid Withdrawl Syndrome Now in Press

September 10, 2019

An editorial which Dr. Troiani co-authored, The imperative of clinical and molecular research on neonatal opioid withdrawal syndrome, is now available in press. The editorial was published online in Nature's Molecular Psychology journal. 

Brief Report Published on Pupillometry, Visual Perception, and ASD Features 

September 5, 2019

A breif report authored by Dr. DiCriscio and co-authored by Dr. Troiani , Pupillometry, Visual Perception, and ASD Features in a Task-Switching Paradigm, is now available in press. The breif report was published online in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders.