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Our research aims to understand the behavioral and genetic contributions to atypical motivational circuitry in the brain and how this contributes to psychiatric and neurodevelopmental disorders. Click on the links below to learn more about each research project.


Eye Tracking, Pupillometry, and Visual Attention

Pupillometry is measured by changes in pupil size but what do these changes mean? Work in our lab suggests that these changes in pupil size may reflect differences in the attentional spotlight and pupil measurements are related to autism features.


Genetics and Addiction

Substance abuse disorders co-occur with multiple psychiatric conditions. Our lab is actively exploring the clinical, genetic, and neurobiological underpinnings of prescription opioid addiction.


Brain Structure & Function

The structure and function of the brain are related to a number of behaviors and psychiatric traits. We used structural and functional magnetic resonance imaging analyses to better understand how individual differences in brain morphology and function influence behavior and brain disorders.


Electronic Health Record Research

In the era of ‘big data’, the use of electronic health record (EHR) data has proven to be immensely valuable for research. Despite the utility of EHR research, it is underutilized in the neuroscience research.  Our lab uses EHR data to better understand the brain and behavior. 

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